How to prepare your hair for a curly cut?

On the day of your appointment we require you to come in with clean, dry hair.


This means your hair needs to be washed using a cleanser (shampoo) , conditioned, and styled as you would usually wear it down. Do not tie up in a ponytail of any kind, or use clips or pins to pull it back. This is to ensure that we can see your curl patterns.

 Hair must be detangled and all knots removed. If your hair is tangled and unable to be worked with then there will be significant charge to detangle your hair or your appointment will be rescheduled.

Your hair must be 100% dry for a dry curly cut to be performed. If your hair is wet, then a wet curly cut will be offered, or your appointment rescheduled. If your appointment is rescheduled, the fee for the service will still be charged. 

. Thank you and see you soon.